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Scott Weidemier – Head Wrestling Coach since 1983
Work phone: 707.963.8989 x2230

Program Outline—The young men and women who decide to join the program at Healdsburg High School will be instructed in the fundamentals of the sport of folk style (or collegiate style) wrestling. They will learn proper techniques, strategies, conditioning, good nutrition, goal setting and discipline. Whether one is a beginning wrestler or one which has been involved in the sport for many years, he/she can expect to excel in our program. A strong work ethic, high commitment level and good sportsmanship will all be emphasized by the coaches and will be expected of each wrestler.

Each day should be an opportunity to improve oneself with the ultimate goal in mind of being the best YOU can be. We do not expect every wrestler to be a league, section or state champion. What we do expect – and demand – is that each wrestler strive to be the very best that he/she can be with the tools that they have at hand. That success level will be measured differently for each wrestler and will be based on individual athletic ability, experience and desire. The level of commitment and discipline required to be successful at the sport of wrestling will be carried by these young people for the remainder of their lives.

Keep in mind that we are at a level of competition where a certain amount of dedication and sacrifice is expected. We all want to win matches, with league and section titles being major goals. We will set team and individual goals based on the experience level of team members and will do everything we can to achieve those goals. What we will not do though, is sacrifice good sportsmanship and ethics to achieve it. We want to develop character along with a well trained athlete.

Items needed PRIOR to first day of practice—Second Monday in November IMPORTANT!
Athlete packets are available in the Main Office and the Student Store

  • Physicals—Each athlete must have one before beginning practices
  • Proof of Insurance form
  • Sports fee - $100.00 per sport—$200 maximum per student and $300 maximum per family (PLEASE NOTE - If money is an issue, speak to one of the coaches ASAP. A lack of money will NOT keep anyone from participating that wishes to do so)
  • Drug/alcohol Abuse Policy and Ejection Forms—Must be signed and turned in.

Season outline—The high school wrestling season runs from the second Monday in November through the league championship tournament on the third Saturday in February. Post season tournaments are held on the two weekends following the league finals for varsity athletes that qualify.

Facilities—Practices and home competitions are held in the high school cafeteria/wrestling room near the northwest corner of the campus. Right off the cafeteria is the wrestling team room. This team room houses our 3 wrestling mats and contains lockers for team members which will be issued after the season begins. Also adjoining the team room is our equipment room which contains all of the supplies and equipment for the season. A restroom is available out in the hallway west of the wrestling room.

Personal equipment required by participant:

  • Wrestling shoes (The team has quite a few pairs of used shoes that have been donated to the team by past members. If the cost of shoes is an issue, please see the coaching staff about a used pair).
  • Workout shorts.
  • Workout shirts – T-shirts or sweat shirt, whichever is preferred by the wrestler.
  • Kneepads (optional).

Equipment issued by the team:

  • One pair of headgear (to protect the ears) – This is required everyday at practice
  • One warm-up set – This is ONLY to be worn on game days and to/from matches.
  • One singlet (uniform) – either varsity or JV.


  • The first day of regular practice begins on the second Monday in November. Practices run Monday thru Friday from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm except on match days
  • We will be on the mat promptly at 4:00pm for practice – Technique instruction, drilling and live wrestling.
  • Some days we will include running and weightlifting.
  • Each day for practice, wrestlers should bring their own water bottle, practice clothing, headgear and wrestling shoes. The headgear is required gear at practice. It must be worn at all times when doing live drills or live wrestling.

Locker Room Rules

  • Each wrestler will be assigned a locker in the wrestling team room (based on availability). It is the wrestlers’ responsibility to keep that locker clean. Do not keep food or valuables in the lockers. If you would like a key to lock your locker, you can pay a $5.00 key deposit and you will receive a key. This will be returned at the end of the year when key is returned. If the key is lost, we will keep the key deposit.
  • Everyone is expected to help keep the wrestling room and the locker rooms clean and orderly. Please keep your clothes and personal items in your assigned locker and backpacks either on top of the lockers or in the back room. Put trash in garbage cans.


  • Competitions begin in early December. Competitions are made up from a combination of dual meets (a match against another school) and tournaments.
  • We will usually have a dual meet each Wednesday evening. These normally begin with junior varsity matches at 6:00pm and are followed immediately by varsity competitions.
  • Tournaments occur mostly on Saturdays with a few occurring on a Friday/Saturday. Not every athlete will participate on every weekend as some weekends will be varsity competitions and some will be JV competitions. These are an all day affair with weigh-ins normally occurring at 7:00 am.
  • Athletes are expected to participate in those tournaments for which he is eligible unless previously cleared by a coach.
  • Challenge Matches
  • Varsity and JV spots are determined by a series of “challenge matches” between all wrestlers in a particular weight class. The winner of the challenge series will be the varsity wrestler, the next in line will be the first JV wrestler and so on. Everyone is on an equal standing at the beginning of the season. No one has a varsity spot until earned.
  • You can lose a spot or be moved to the back of the ladder due to poor attendance, inappropriate behavior and not following team rules.
  • Challenges occur on a regular basis and some athletes can and will fluctuate between varsity and junior varsity competitions.
  • A varsity block is determined mostly by the number of varsity matches wrestled. Other factors can be included to determine whether a student will achieve a varsity block (such as coach’s discretion)

What is Expected of the Athlete

  • Participating in a high school sport requires a big commitment of your time and energy and as such, you must budget these things accordingly.
  • Follow all team and school rules.
  • ACADEMICS: Stay on top of your school work. You must maintain a 2.0 GPA (grade point average). This is only a “C” average. You should not be satisfied with that. You CAN and SHOULD do better! Communicate with teachers and coaches so you will be aware should a problem arise. Don’t wait until grades come out and it’s too late.
  • COMMITMENT: High school sports in general and wrestling in particular require an incredible amount of dedication and commitment.
    1. Be at practice on time each day with all gear ready to go.
    2. Eat right and get plenty of sleep. Wrestling is possibly THE most demanding sport - both physically and mentally. It takes a lot of energy to get through practice each day and wrestle several matches each week, besides keeping up on school work. Budget your time so that you can get 8 hours sleep every night. Eat healthy meals to insure that you have the sufficient “fuel in the gas tank” to get through the day with the proper energy and attitude.
    3. Be dedicated to improving yourself EACH day. Work hard and listen to the coaches.
  • ATTITUDE: Wrestling is a contact sport. It takes a certain toughness to make it through each day. We realize that not everyone possesses the same amount of athletic ability, but everyone has the ability to improve themselves.
  • Be on top of weight management - to be discussed in depth later.

Parent Support

  • We are not a “win at all costs” program. We want to be successful and have a winning program but we want achieve this through teaching proper technique, a good work ethic and good values. A certain amount of understanding and sacrifice must be made by the parents for each athlete to achieve the most of their experience.
  • We expect a certain level of commitment from each wrestler. Without that commitment, he/she cannot succeed. We would like your help to insist and encourage your son or daughter to make and follow through on that commitment.
  • Please communicate any concerns, problems or questions to the coaching staff. We want to help.
  • Support your child (and support the team) by attending as many competitions as possible.
  • Please volunteer to help support the program when possible.

Nutrition—Proper nutrition is an integral part of a successful wrestling program. The demand that wrestling places on the body, mind and emotions are incredible From the sheer physical exertion, to the emotional demands of competition and the required weight management, along with keeping up on school work, it is imperative that one pays close attention to the body’s’ nutritional requirements if you wish to be successful. The coaching staff will conduct parent meetings after the season begins to discuss weight management and nutritional issues.

A couple of web sites that can help with nutrition information are:

Dr. Weil – Author of “Eating Well for Optimum Health”—
U.S.D.A. Food and Nutrition Info—
Recommended Wrestlers Diet web site— & Safety/eating.htm

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